In celebration of International Women’s Week, we’re highlighting the work of our entrepreneurial colleagues, both in Puerto Rico and around the world. Meet our colleague Diana C.

The art and science on which agriculture is based was what motivated our colleague Diana to pursue a career in agriculture. “I decided to study agriculture during my orientation week. My decision was based on having the virtue of contributing to a better future for my family and country. Pursuing the art of cultivating our land.”

This passion and commitment to the agricultural industry led Diana to complete a bachelor’s degree on Agricultural Sciences, specializing in Horticulture. She has been part of our team at Monsanto for “12 years and 6 months”, Diana shared. Currently, she works as a Soybean Breeding Associate.

What’s it like working at Monsanto?

“Working at Monsanto is an adventure. Every day I face different challenges and experiences.”

Why do you think more girls and young women should follow a career in your field?

“We need many more women who are fighters, committed to daily changes and challenges, and to contributing to the well-being of each one of us. Committed to the welfare and progress of our environment.”

Diana describes herself as “a fighter, persevering, committed.” Congratulations, Diana, on #InternationalWomensWeek.