International Women’s Week – Marelyn

International Women's Week - Marelyn

During International Women’s Week, what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge the work of our colleagues around the world. Today, we recognize our colleague Marelyn D.

Marelyn is our QMS & Compliance Manager. With over 12 years of experience in the seed industry, Marelyn has held different responsibilities, both in the field and in the office, and even in different companies and in different positions. Fortunately, today she is part of our team at Monsanto, where in 2004 she started working as a seasonal employee until she obtained a full-time position. As a quality and compliance manager, Marelyn is responsible for maintaining quality certifications current and up-to-date, as well as overseeing regulatory agencies’ compliance according to our products’ classifications, and driving improvements in our processes.

When, how and/or why you decided to follow a career in your field?

“When I was in the pursuit of a profession, I was very clear that I wanted to have the opportunity to work outdoors, and add to that my passion to help others. What better than agricultural biotechnology, which allows you to interact with the environment and, at the same time, work in the development of research that generates benefits for humanity. Also, the opportunity offered by universities to practice what you are learning in theory, reaffirmed my interest in belonging to this industry.”

What’s it like working at Monsanto?

“What I love the most about working at Monsanto is the opportunity we have to discover other areas within the company. We can discover new technologies as well as grow in management roles. Thanks to this company’s vision, I was able to discover that I am passionate about quality and they have given me the necessary tools to grow in this area.”

Why do you think more girls and young women should follow a career in your field?

“Women have the strength and ability to be part of professions that have typically been classified as masculine. We should not feel intimidated because it may require great physical effort, because there are tools for that. We must believe in ourselves. I encourage all these women to give themselves the opportunity to get to know what agricultural biotechnology is, to discover the magic of sowing a little seed and reaping its fruits, very similar to what we do in our daily lives; Sow to harvest.”