In celebration of International Women’s Week, we’re highlighting the work of our entrepreneurial colleagues, both in Puerto Rico and around the world. Meet our colleague Marenid R.

Research and development, in all its facets, is at the heart of what we do at Monsanto. On this scientific basis, we develop the solutions that will help farmers face the challenges of feeding, fueling, and clothing a growing planet. This task would not be possible without our agricultural research specialists, or ARS, such as Marenid.

She has a bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Puerto Rico, a career that she chose out of a “desire to protect our natural environment with a sustainable agriculture”.

What’s it like working at Monsanto?

“Monsanto is a place full of challenges and goals!”

Why do you think more girls and young women should follow a career in your field?

“Women play an active role in this Company. In Monsanto you will find an environment full of respect and inclusion.”

Marenid describes herself as someone who doesn’t “shy away on meeting new people or taking on new assignments. I’m result oriented and committed to success!”

Congratulations, Marenid, on #InternationalWomensWeek.