International Women’s Week – Maritere

International Women's Week - Maritere

During International Women’s Week, what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge the work of our colleagues around the world. Today we recognize our colleague Maritere C.

Coming from a farming family, agriculture has always been a personal passion to Maritere. With close to a decade with the company, Maritere has worked in different positions and roles. She has also been one of our standout people leaders. Today she is our Nursery Design Lead.

Some of Maritere’s main responsibilities include managing Pipeline Strategies for soy, cotton and, corn crops; leading the nursery management responsibilities for Trait integration projects; establish nursery placements and in-season metrics across crops that drives crop management to guide operations towards success; and People Leader of Research Associates. She has also been a vital member of the Monsanto Puerto Rico Community Advisory Panel and the Monsanto Reputation and Community Relations Team.

When, how and/or why you decided to follow a career in your field?

“I decided to follow a career in agriculture ever since I was a child. I grew up with a farming background, where I learned from my parents and grandparents the importance of farming. Agriculture seemed the perfect choice for me, as I had garnered a passion for Science, Technology, and Food production. I really wanted to work in an industry that was going to constantly challenge me, an industry that changes all the time, and an industry that is by being challenged by many external forces.”

What’s it like working at Monsanto?

“I really like working at Monsanto because of all the contributions that our company is doing to the world and generations to come on sustainable agriculture. All this being possible trough giving value to diversity, sharing a vision, and innovating science and technology. I’m really proud to work in a company where I can make the difference, where you know, somehow, your work is contributing in making other people’s life better.”

Why do you think more girls and young women should follow a career in your field?

“Consumer demands for agricultural products have exponential grown. This is a growing industry that requires a diverse group of professionals, not only agronomists, but also, scientists, engineers, data analysts and lots of technology driven professionals. I think women have the same capabilities and can be also successful in the agriculture area. We need to be challenged by agriculture and work in this area with positive and optimistic attitude. We face challenges out there, but solutions are possible, and as women we also have capabilities to help make those solutions and lead changes in an industry that was previously led mainly by men.”