International Women’s Week – Migdalia

International Women's Week - Migdalia

During International Women’s Week, what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge the work of our colleagues around the world. Today we recognize our colleague Migdalia C.

One of the first persons to receive your visit at our Juana Díaz site, Migdalia is our executive administrative assistant. With over 12 years with the company, Migdalia is a key member in the smooth operation of the company by establishing communication between customers and executives and maintaining good office relations. Migdalia is also a member of the Monsanto Puerto Rico Community Advisory Panel and serves as a link between our work groups and the Monsanto Reputation and Community Relations Team.

When, how and/or why you decided to follow a career in your field?

I decided to pursue a career in my field for as long as I can remember. What I most enjoy is seeing the pleasure in peoples’ face when they feel that their needs / worries are important and they are confident that I will do everything in my hands to help them with enthusiasm and positivism. If one can produce positive energy in the air this attracts more positive energy and people around you are happier.

What’s it like working at Monsanto?

Monsanto provides a very challenging and dynamic environment. Monsanto is not just the world’s largest seed producer. It also has an established Employee Safety Culture in the facilities and is engaged in philanthropic endeavors.

Why do you think more girls and young women should follow a career in your field?

If you are focused on service, are dedicated, disciplined, and determined (3 words that a fellow worker passed on to me as a gift), this is the right career for you.