The employees from the Monsanto Isabela and Juana Díaz sites have been very active participating in several activities for their peers, the surrounding communities and professional associations.

At the end of August both sites had their Safety Pause. At this event the Monsanto Puerto Rico Safety Committee offered training to their peers on how to be safe at work, focusing on hand-related accidents. These events provided an opportunity to share safety information, present company’s plans and activities and share a pleasant time with coworkers.

16In August, Isabela’s Off-the-Job-Safety committee organized a Fire Prevention event for the Pueblo Nuevo community. The Puerto Rico Police Department and Fire Department gave presentations and demonstrations for children and adults on how to prevent fires.

Isabela’s employees were also involved in creating a school garden for Jose C. Rosario School. These volunteers used their agronomy expertise to help teacher Pedro Hernández and his students make a better use of water by establishing an effective irrigation system. Professor Hernández will be using this area to teach his students about farming practices.

112In September, a group of employees from the Juana Díaz site became part of the 128 companies that participated in this year’s Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico’s “Regala un Día” event. Nine employees from the Monsanto Juana Díaz site visited the Esperanza para la Vejez Luis Biaggi Senior Center in Ponce with gift mugs, hors d’oeuvres, an informative pamphlet on how to prepare for hurricane season, and a karaoke machine. This was the first time that Monsanto Caribe participated in Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico’s, “Regala un Día” event, which has been taking place for 21 years.

49Monsanto employees also participated in professional associations’ events; the College of Nutritionists and Dietitians Annual Congress and the College of Agronomists Convention. At both events Monsanto had an information booth were participants could obtain information about Monsanto, what we do in Puerto Rico, Modern Agriculture, biotech crops and other related topics. Our dedicated and knowledgeable employees helped these professionals answer their questions about our company and our work.

Another group of professionals that Monsanto employees offered guidance and information was a group of Nutritionists from Triple S Insurance Company. These Nutritionists visited our Juana Díaz station to get first-hand information about what we do in Puerto Rico and the part that we play in helping feed the world.