The Puerto Rico site won two Golden Q Awards from a total of 103 nominations

JUANA DIAZ, PR – During the Row Crop Quality Summit, held on the last week of March, the Monsanto Company recognized internal quality and compliance projects with The Golden Q Awards. The Puerto Rico site won two Golden Qs from a total of 103 nominations.

Employees Marelyn Delgado & Virginia Echevarria were awarded the “Above and Beyond: Stewardship focus in post-hurricane Puerto Rico” for their work post-Hurricane Maria.

As field operations came back online following the devastation of hurricane Maria, the Juana Diaz site had to contend with all manner of logistical adversity. Beyond the obvious hurdles such as power, communications, transport, well-being, there were additional stewardship and trait quality considerations at play with respect to a field layout that had been subject to significant flooding and potential for on-site material movement.

Marelyn and Virginia maintained dialogue and communications with the Stewardship and Compliance team throughout this difficult time and collaborated to discuss and develop procedures to evaluate and monitor for additional stewardship risk to in-ground materials post-hurricane.

This effort culminated in the development of a supplemental site selection/evaluation checklist and in-season checks to monitor for potential volunteers/rogue plants.

Employee Victor Torres was awarded the “Quality VIP: Enabling Quality Management OSIRIS” for his efforts helping launch this program.

Victor was instrumental in helping precommercial mainland Soy launch OSIRIS across all sites. Victor took time out of his schedule for troubleshooting with all sites and adjusting or creating forms to meet each site’s needs. OSIRIS improved accuracy and helped eliminate any potential errors or seed mix that could have occurred during planting or harvest. OSIRIS improved the quality of labeling and tracking material from planting to and from harvest to inventory in the warehouse.

Congratulations to Marelyn, Virigina and Victor on their awards, as well as all the Team members who contributed on the success of these programs.

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Since 1998, Monsanto Caribe LLC has been part of the Puerto Rican seed breeding industry, using the tools of modern biology to help farmers successfully feed, clothe, and fuel our growing world. Monsanto’s operations on the island consist of agricultural biotechnology research and development of the best corn, cotton, and soy seeds for farmers. The objective is to find the most desirable traits to improve crops and develop new seed with such traits. In Puerto Rico, the company has earned such honors as the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Los Mejores Patronos en Puerto Rico Award in the Medium Business Category, as well as being inducted in the Puerto Rican Agriculture Hall of Fame in April of 2013. Monsanto Caribe was also awarded the 2018 CEIBA Award from the Southern Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCSPR) in the Agriculture Category, for its contribution to the region’s economy and for its corporate social responsibility programs.To learn more about our business and our commitments, please visit: Follow our business on Twitter® at For information in Spanish, please visit, and follow our business on Facebook® at