SAN JUAN, PR—Monsanto Caribe, LLC was among the nineteen companies that were recognized during the 12th edition of the Mejores Patronos de Puerto Rico awards ceremony presentation held last August. Monsanto Caribe obtained third place in the medium-sized companies’ category.

The Mejores Patronos en Puerto Rico study – coordinated by Aon, PLC, a global leader in consulting and outsourcing services, and El Nuevo Día – aims to recognize companies that strive to identify, develop and promote human resources programs that their employees value the most, while maintaining high levels of engagement and better business results. Companies that obtain recognition as Best Employers are better positioned to compete for talent. They attract, select and retain the best candidates via a solid reputation and through a good value proposition for the employee. These companies are focused on being facilitators of cultures and environments conducive to achieving full engagement from employees.

The selection of Best Employers is divided into three categories according to company size: large, with 400 employees or more; medium, consisting of 151-399 employees; and small, whose workforce is less than 150 employees. Monsanto Caribe, LLC obtained third place in the medium-sized companies’ category.

Lourdes Torres Colón, Human Resources generalist at Monsanto Puerto Rico, said that management’s commitment to human resource processes has been key to obtaining such a prestigious recognition for four consecutive years. Torres highlighted that supervisors from the frontline to upper managerial levels have been equipped with the necessary tools to manage performance while creating an atmosphere conducive to better communication. Using the 70-20-10 principle they have been trained focusing on Monsanto leadership competencies.According to Monsanto’s development philosophy, 70% of development opportunities evolve from experiences, challenges, interactions on-the-job, taking on additional tasks and problem solving, 20% from continuous feedback and from managers, peers and mentors, and 10% from formal training, structured inputs, reading and education.[1]

Torres also said that the company focuses on maintaining Operational Excellence, which has contributed to maintaining a workforce with a high degree of loyalty to the company, resulting in a very low turnover.

Third party organizations continue to recognize Monsanto as an employer of choice. For more information on these recognitions and others, see Monsanto’s list of workplace recognitions.

About Monsanto Company

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. We produce seeds for fruits, vegetables and key crops – such as corn, soybeans and cotton – that help farmers have better harvests while using water and other important resources more efficiently. We work to find sustainable solutions for soil health, help farmers use data to improve farming practices and conserve natural resources, and provide crop protection products to minimize damage from pests and disease. Through programs and partnerships, we collaborate with farmers, researchers, nonprofit organizations, universities and others to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. To learn more about Monsanto, our commitments and our more than 20,000 dedicated employees, please visit and Follow our business on Twitter® at, on the company blog, Beyond the Rows® at or subscribe to our News Release RSS Feed.

About Monsanto Caribe

Since 1996, Monsanto Caribe LLC has been part of the Puerto Rican seed breeding industry, using the tools of modern biology to help farmers successfully feed, clothe and fuel our growing world. Monsanto’s operations on the island consist of agricultural biotechnology research and development of the best corn, cotton and soy seeds for farmers. The objective is to find the most desirable traits to improve crops and develop new seed with such traits. In Puerto Rico, the company has earned such honors as the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Los Mejores Patronos en Puerto Rico Award in the Medium Business Category, as well as being inducted in the Puerto Rican Agriculture Hall of Fame in April of 2013. To learn more about our business and our commitments, please visit: Follow our business on Twitter® at, on the company blog, Beyond the Rows at, or subscribe to our News Release RSS Feed. For information in Spanish, please visit, and follow our business on Facebook® at


[1] Source: Monsanto India Limited Annual Report 2011-2012. (2015, November 13). Retrieved from