JUANA DIAZ, PR (November 20, 2015) – As part of its commitment to support its neighboring communities, the Monsanto Caribe Off the Job Safety Committee donated a first aid kit, and conducted a first aid talk to the teachers and staff of the Tomas Carrion Maduro Second Unit School in the Aruz community of Juana Diaz.

The kit donated by the company contains supplies and utensils to administer first aid, such as gloves, adhesive bandages and bandages, slings, ice packs, ice wash, splinter outs, tweezers, povidone iodine topical swabs, benzocaine topical swabs, compression bandages, medical gauzes, antibiotics, and others.

“Teachers are not first aid responders, but we know of their commitment to the safety of their students,” explained Sigfredo Souchet, environment, health and safety (EHS) specialist at Monsanto Caribe. “If an accident happens, we know the teachers and staff at Tomas Carrion won’t hesitate to help anyone injured. We’re just glad we can support them with supplies and information to care for our kids.”

Norman Serrano, occupational nurse at Monsanto Caribe in Juana Diaz, offered guides to the school personnel about what to do in case of an emergency. “This first aid kit is a basic model for initial interventions. For situations that require more attention or emergencies, call 9-1-1,” said Serrano. “Usually, every person administering first aid must be trained in first aid procedures. In this case, you, the teachers, must always think first about your safety when providing first aid.”

In addition to the first aid kit donation, Monsanto executives pledged to replenish one of the school’s kits, offer other first aid talks to elaborate on these scenarios and practice what to do if they occur in the classroom, as well as contribute to future projects such as school gardens and lectures on topics of agricultural sciences and biotechnology.

“Thank you, to the Monsanto Company, for being here with us again, collaborating,” said Mayra Matos L. Burgos, director of the Tomas Carrion Maduro Second Unit School in Juana Diaz.

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