By Nick Weber
Corporate Engagement

(Originally published in Beyond the Rows)

Over the past few days, you may have come across headlines referencing a “Monsanto Tribunal” at The Hague. A group of activists, led and organized by the Organic Consumers Association, plans to put Monsanto “on trial” for alleged crimes against nature and humanity. I’d like to take a moment to set a few things straight about this fake trial.

Monsanto respects others’ points of view, and we welcome the opportunity to have an open dialogue about agriculture and food production. However, this is not a real trial, and the results of this initiative have no legal substance–it is simply a publicity stunt. The organizers of the stunt have historically shown that they are not interested in dialogue, but rather seek to create headlines that misrepresent and mislead.

Let me be clear on this point: Monsanto is not against organic agriculture. We believe all farming practices will be necessary to feed our growing population—whether farmers grow organic, conventional or GMO crops, all three practices should be available to farmers to choose how they decide to market their crops. Some of our customers use organic practices. However, certain groups, like the Organic Consumers Association, use fear and scare tactics to belittle science-based innovations that help to improve agricultural sustainability.

And that’s the big difference between Monsanto and these groups: Monsanto is supportive of all types of agriculture and food production, while these groups are more interested in making sure only one is available.

Monsanto is ready and eager to respond to all questions about our activities and products. Transparency is a vital part of our approach, and we would like the public to judge us on the reality of our activities, and not a caricature. This fake trial has no legal basis and is an attempt to mislead the public. We invite anyone who wants to learn more about Monsanto and ask a question to visit us at

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