Vegetables In Action – Onions

Vegetables In Action - Onions

Almost every day we use onions in our kitchens, since many recipes have onion as one of their basic ingredients. Onions vary in color, flavor, time of year harvested and size. All these differences make onions very versatile.

Some onions are harvested in Spring/Summer and others are harvested in Fall/Winter. Onions harvested during the Spring/Summer seasons have a higher water content, shorter shelf life and its flavor ranges from sweet to mild. Onions harvested in Fall/Winter have a lower water content, thus making them have a longer shelf life. Their flavor ranges from mild to pungent.

Onions can be yellow, red or white. About 87 percent of the crop is devoted to yellow onion production, about eight percent to red onions and only five percent to white onions.

Yellow onions are full-flavored and are used for cooking almost anything. Yellow onions turn a rich, dark brown when cooked. Red onions are a good choice for fresh uses or for grilling, charbroiling or roasting. White onions are often used in prepared salads and white sauces. They have a golden color and sweet flavor when sautéed.