Vegetables in Action – Watermelon

Vegetables in Action - Watermelon

Made up of 91 % water, watermelon* is a delicious, natural thirst quencher. One highlight of our Seminis® watermelon portfolio in the Puerto Rican market is the Starbrite watermelon hybrid.

Starbrite has a vigorous vine and high yield potential. It has an attractive, medium-red flesh that is also uniform in color and is crisp and sweet tasting. The rind is green with dark green stripes. This crop is best suited for the southern Puerto Rican areas, due to its warm, dry climate and fertile soils.

* Information based on studies performed by Monsanto on a wide range of conditions. Results may vary depending on environmental conditions, crop management, used inputs and other factors not controlled by Monsanto; therefore, it should not be considered an indication of future results.