What We Do

We are committed to creating bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. We currently provide seeds for fruits, vegetables and staples like corn and soybeans that can help fight off disease, pests and drought, which can wipe out harvests. We develop crop protection products to help keep crops safe from attacks.

And we are collecting and finding new ways to use data to solve day-to-day problems on the farm, such as tracking weather conditions in the fields and finding the optimal times for watering. Here in Puerto Rico, at Monsanto Caribe, our operations consist of:

  • Multi-Season Program – The cultivation of corn for Hybrid Make-up as well as different soy projects. These are sent to different testing locations principally to the USA. The process is generally performed between the months of October and March.
  • Cotton and Soy Trait Integration – The process of combining the best characteristics or genetic traits, in cotton and soy crops to improve the benefits in costs, and in the production for farmers.
  • Manufacturing – The cultivation of soy, corn and sorghum grow-outs during three annual cycles. Soy generally grows from November to February (1st cycle) and February to May (2nd cycle). Sorghum and corn grow outs generally have a window from November to February.